Cousins in Eastern NC

Tina and Rosie

This evening I had the pleasure of hanging out with my cousin and some of my favorite fellas from high school. I love that geography and the passage of time hasn’t diminish us and we fall right back into place. You will always be home. And although I swore I’d never marry someone from Belle Chasse, you remind me why my people will always have my heart. You remind me why my senior year of high school was the best of times. In the transient life of a military spouse, it’s hard to find people who are trustworthy and reliable. Tonight was refreshing knowing if I needed anything, you would be there. #watereddownbarryquirk

Celebrating the Little Things

It’s the little things. Mac has always struggled to blow out candles. While in PK, his teacher presented him with a birthday cake toy he loved. He would try to blow the plastic candles and it would play music. He worked very hard but still struggled.

Finally today on his 12th birthday, we encouraged him and Mac blew out his numbered candles all on his own.

Celebrating the little things on our Autism journey.

We will miss you.

Depression is a neurochemical imbalance, crippling to the point of not having control over your thoughts and feelings. What has helped me is the number one recommended treatment for depression; medication and therapy. I’m sure yoga, church, oils, diets, etc have helped others and that’s awesome for those people. However, some of us need medication and therapy. Then there are some who require more invasive measures like electroshock therapy and other experimental methods to treat their depression.

The main point I want to make for those who have never experienced depression, severe depression has absolutely nothing to do with other people. Depression in an internalized self-loathing prison only those who’ve experienced it could explain. There are no words from friends or relatives explaining how much you are loved or needed that will change a person’s mind in the depths of depression. This is why I need medication, this is why talk therapy sessions usually end up with a medical professional helping me through basic daily functions. Not reminding me how great I am, rather how to get out of bed, take a shower, and take my meds.

For those struggling with depression & anxiety, please remember you were prescribed medication and therapy for a reason. This is why I’m the friend who will openly ask “did you take your meds?”

If you suspect a person is struggling with depression, engage them. Talk about medication, doctors, and therapists. Drive them to their appointment, the pharmacy, watch them take their meds. Spend the night & the next morning watch them take their meds again and again……You cannot stop the self-loathing, the thoughts and feelings so don’t worry about what to “say” to a person with depression. It’s what you can do to assist in their treatment that could save their life.

Please don’t be angry at those who’ve lost the battle struggling with depression.

Bourdain lived a full life and always kept it real. I am eternally grateful to have lived on the planet at the same time and experienced his world. I would have spent my life interning for him 

Noonday Demon is the best written experience of depression I’ve ever come across.

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2018

All military spouses have Murphy’s Law stories of if it breaks, it’s always when the service member is gone. When I think about my 21 years as a military spouse, this photo represents the real struggle.
Damon was already “advance party” at his new duty station while Mac (2 years old) and I stayed behind to sell the house, TMO and make the 14 hour flight to Japan.
Our front toilet wouldn’t flush properly and the buyer’s housing inspector was coming next week. My BFF came to help me and captured what was a vain toilet snaking which eventually produced a wooden puzzle of a HELICOPTER (AIR WINGER!!!!). A big thank you to my Dad who patched a hole in the ceiling that I created and fell through while cleaning out the attic. THIS WAS ALL IN THE SAME WEEK!!!!
#SALTYSPOUSE #militaryspouseappreciationday