Cousins in Eastern NC

Tina and Rosie

This evening I had the pleasure of hanging out with my cousin and some of my favorite fellas from high school. I love that geography and the passage of time hasn’t diminish us and we fall right back into place. You will always be home. And although I swore I’d never marry someone from Belle Chasse, you remind me why my people will always have my heart. You remind me why my senior year of high school was the best of times. In the transient life of a military spouse, it’s hard to find people who are trustworthy and reliable. Tonight was refreshing knowing if I needed anything, you would be there. #watereddownbarryquirk

Autism Awareness

It’s the little things. Mac has always struggled to blow out candles. While in PK, his teacher presented him with a birthday cake toy he loved. He would try to blow the plastic candles and it would play music. He worked very hard but still struggled.

Finally today on his 12th birthday, we encouraged him and Mac blew out his numbered candles all on his own.

Celebrating the little things on our Autism journey.

Tell us what you really think Mr Zuckerberg.

Revealing his thoughts about data mining as a twenty something doesn’t seem too surprising in 2019. His wealth primarily comes from sharing user data to sell advertisements. I believe he knew during the early days at Harvard where he was taking the platform. Calling users (for ten years on FB, he called me )”Dumb Fucks” solidifies the discovery of data mining and selling was the goal. Create a free, addictive, behavior modifying platform to generate and house as much personal data to sell and profit from.

Thanks for letting 2.2 Billion people know what you really think about them, Mr Zuckerberg. We appreciate your honesty.

Sonnier’s on Salzman