Misogyny in Mental Health

One of my greatest fears is losing my mind.

Witnessing a person become someone you don’t recognize because they have no control over their mind and their actions is horrifying. You feel scared and hopeless.

My mother is bi-polar, and I know it well. This affliction can overwhelm and destroy families and relationships. As a loved one, it forces you to do things against a person’s will because they are a danger to themselves and others. You never want to be in a position of having to authorize a person being institutionalized against their will. It’s soul breaking.

I am speaking out about this because I want people engrossed in popular culture to make an observation of how differently men and women with mental health disorders are treated.

Remember 2007 when Britney Spears hit her bottom? She was taken into custody on a 5150 hold and had everything seized. She was shamed because of erratic behavior, she lost custody of her children and became a mockery. Britney was manic and was struggling with an undiagnosed mental health disorder. Sadly, it took her years to get medicated, healthy, back to entertaining, seeing her children and doing what she loved. But through all of that she never regained her independence or respect for her contribution to the arts because her father became her conservator. No control over her wages she rightfully earned, even 13 years later.

Now fast forward to Kanye West. A man who was deeply impacted by the trauma of a near death accident and the death of his mother. Many would say these events triggered what has been a litany of manic episodes America has wrongly declared as “genius” in songs, fashion and publicity. Kanye himself admits his bi-polar diagnosis and claims the medication stifles his creativity. But not once has Mr West been taken into custody, held against his will or been isolated from his family, children or finances. If anything, his mania has been highlighted in the Oval Office and now on his own campaign trail.

See the difference?

This misogyny in mental health is evident and on display today. Kanye is midst manic episodes while Britney is struggling and having attention drawn to her situation via Instagram. This may be the one time Americans wrapped up in celebrity can see for themselves the inequity of women and men with mental health disorders.

#russianbounties #autism #marinefamily #USMC

Donald Trump-

I just want to clarify your position on my active duty Marine husband and my special needs autistic child.

  1. You are perfectly ok with a foreign adversary placing a monetary bounty on the head of my husband.
  2. You are perfectly ok with placing medically vulnerable students with intellectual disabilities in a Petri dish of a deadly virus.

Your words and actions of neglecting our military to foreign adversary bounties and forcing a no virtual school option is a direct death sentence for my Marine husband and special needs child.

Just making sure I’ve summarized your position towards my husband and child so I can make an informed decision in November to ensure the preservation of my family.

-Rosie Sonnier

An American Embarrassment

Selfish, ignorant, entitled Americans need this reality check.

You’re not “exceptional.”

Americans who feel invincible, prioritizing their Insta presence, hitting bars and restaurants during a global pandemic because a lock down is inconvenient to their social media lives are abhorrent and will not get a pass on this one.

Your ego is the vector of this virus. As you remain asymptotic refusing to wear a mask and social distance claiming, “I’m young, fit and healthy. I’m not worried about the virus.” I’ll remind you that the universe doesn’t forget and it always balances.

Socially responsible Americans who believe science and adhere to medical guidance will continue to follow safety protocols. We will protect the medically vulnerable, our elders and acknowledge we too are aging. We understand that it is our responsibility as Americans and human beings to stop the spread of this global virus. We want our species to survive.

Your irresponsible behavior is being written in history books, your Insta and Tik Tok footprint won’t be erased. The power of the download and screenshot will forever haunt you.


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Proud To Call Home #NOLA

This debate was addressed in 2017 when my home town of New Orleans became the vanguard in the removal of relics to the confederacy.

Our mayor, Mitch Landrieu, thoroughly and eloquently explained the justification for the evolution of our great city.

For those who didn’t pay attention in 2017, and need an explanation of the pain and reason for the actions of many outraged black Americans today, please take a moment to….

#CancelCulture and #Privilege

I’ve heard several people speak out against the “Cancel Culture” in America. Some feel a person shouldn’t be “canceled” because they are merely expressing their views.  They tend to feel others shouldn’t be so sensitive or offended.  

The question I have for those against “Cancel Culture” is, are you privileged? Are you white? Are you financially stable?  Are you neurotypical?  Are you healthy? 
If you can answer “yes” to these questions, you may want to check your privilege before you decide what offends the marginalized and unprivileged in society.  

If you feel a person shouldn’t be canceled because they are expressing their views, then you can’t have it both ways and be the arbiter of what is offensive or sensitive to the marginalized and underprivileged. You see your privilege is what makes you feel this way. Your privilege convinces you that those speaking out shouldn’t have a strong enough voice to cancel. And that is where you are wrong. And that is the essence of your privilege.


This morning I heard older media pundits compare this time of social injustice to the political shift after Dr. King’s assassination in 1968, which led to election of “law and order” candidate Richard Nixon. To be clear, a 20 year old voter in 1968 is 72 years old today.

As a 45 year old white woman, let me share with you who my generation is and how we have evolved since your mindset of 1968.


My generation was registering to vote in 1991 when Rodney King was filmed nearly beaten to death by six LAPD officers. We have WATCHED for twenty years police murder and brutality against unarmed black Americans while hundreds of wealthy, privilege white Americans escape prosecution.

My generation has WATCHED the manipulation of technology and social media bait Americans against one another. We SEE the generational disconnect of baby boomers and millennials. We have the ability to discern the un-evolved, ignorance of traditionalist and the anger of millennials because their future is bleak and their planet is being destroyed.


My generation KNOWS the federal government failed my hometown of New Orleans in August of 2005. The poor black community had no means of evacuating and were ABANDONED during Hurricane Katrina.

My generation KNOWS the heart of racism is fear. We can recite the lyrics of every Tupac Shakur song. We KNOW Tupac was an educated and brilliant poet. His work described the plight of a black man labeled a “thug.” His ownership and ability to translate to white suburban and rural kids was not merely entertainment, it was a lens to life outside of their fishbowl. My generation does not call black men, “thugs.” We were not afraid of Tupac and we are not afraid of black men.

If older media pundits think my generation will repeat the willful blindness and ignorance of the voters of 1968….


2020: Living in an Epic Issue of a Tabloid

For those of us who remember life pre-internet, we can’t forget the impulse buying section at grocery stores filled with The Sun, The Examiner, The Weekly World News and The National Inquirer. Bold headlines; Bat Boy Found in Cave and Elvis is Alive just to name a few.

Even at a young age, I knew it was lies because my parents scoffed at the stories and the readership believers.

As I try to make sense of life in America today, the behaviors of those in high offices and their followers, I discovered a possible explanation.

The internet has become the Mecca of tabloids and there are no laws or policies to disclose what is blatant entertainment. This has created millions of disciples believing conspiracy theories and untruths amidst a global pandemic.

For all those years we saw print headlines “The Anti-Christ has Arrived” and “The End of Times is Here,” we are now living in a cesspool of believers endangering our species because they are failing to discern fact from entertainment on the internet.