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You decide what you give your time and energy to. No one chooses that but you. What you allow in is all within your control. Choose wisely and what’s in your best interest.

Radical acceptance is letting our past experiences be precisely what they are and believing there is nothing we can do to change that. What we have within our control is to accept our past for what it is and move forward with the lessons learned and the belief of who we are and where we want to go.

Don’t ever forget the badassery of your 8th grade self.

When we have breakthroughs in life, we need to stay focused on the step and not the staircase.

When you find yourself doing things that are not healthy for you, ask yourself…..what is the function of this behavior? Why am I….? This discovery will help you understand the intent. When we know why we are doing something, we can uncover and address the motivation, making it easier to change or stop.

Attn Gen Xers….you don’t have to participate.
Embrace Rest


Marriage is not a competition. We’re not keeping score. It’s a partnership where we pull the weight in areas we need to make the machine we call marriage and family run.

Tapping into our skills and contributing them, makes a marriage a strong, well-tuned vehicle. If you’re the better cook, you cook. If they are better at managing money, they manage the money. We don’t monopolize our marriage because it’s a partnership. This is why when one of us struggles in an area, dealing with our past, etc., our partner is there to listen and provide support while the we work through the struggle.

Marriage is a union of equals. We love and respect each other as equals, and we are there for each other to lift each other as equals.

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