The End of an Era

So many people talk about the sacrifices military spouses and children make for their service member. This guy willingly sacrificed, pushing it through 30 years and six months for Mac to have end to end medical, therapy and quality special education services for as long as the Marine Corps would allow him. I am proud and eternally grateful to call him my best friend and first and only husband.

Master Gunz Sonnier

Coming Full Circle


Damon asked me who I wanted to escort me for his retirement ceremony. I considered the usual options and decided to make that moment come full circle. My escort will be a replica of who I fell in love with, a dark-haired male Flight Equipment Lance Corporal.

28 Years

Twenty-eight years ago, it was a Friday. I was excited about my date for the evening. He was definitely my type, Louisiana fella with dark hair. He had me smitten for a couple of weeks. After getting over his fear of dating the boss’s daughter (he worked part-time for my parents), he relented to my request for a ride in his new car.

He picked me up and asked what did I feel like doing for the evening? I responded with a timid girly first date line, “it doesn’t matter.”

He answered with the best way to get to my heart. He made me laugh. “How about we go get some bread & bologna and go to a dog fight.” I knew at that moment, he had me.

28 years later, he is still making me laugh, putting up with my messiness, and giving me more than I’ve ever deserved from another human being.

He is an amazing father, husband, son, friend, and Marine. Sometimes I scare myself how much I love him and how much I need him.

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Happy 246th Birthday Marines

I was not going to allow COVID to keep Master Gunz from missing his last career birthday ball. #ADAPT&OVERCOME

“You ever kiss a rabbit between the ears?”
Cake Cutting with an NCO sword
30 years of good times
We’ll celebrate our 28th Date-Anniversary next week.
30 years of making memories
Uncle Leo joined the celebration
Commandant’s Birthday Message

life meaning

“Life meaning is always a derivative phenomenon that materializes when we have transcended ourselves, when we have forgotten ourselves and become absorbed in someone (or something) outside ourselves.” Irvin Yalom

August 2021