This is 45

I woke up this morning with two handfuls of pills for breakfast. One handful of pharmaceuticals for my aches, pains, blood pressure and maintaining my mental health. The other was my wishful vitamin supplements to justify that maybe it’s not to late and I can “repair” the damage to my body that I’ve treated like an amusement park for the first half.

At this point you invest more money in a firming effective night cream than any foundation, eyebrow or eyeliner pencil.

You look at the tattoo from when you were 18 and think, you jackass….

Shoes are solely chosen for comfort not fashion.

Your most peaceful moments are being alone, unplugging and releasing all thoughts from your mind.

Stretching is required before basic housework and grocery shopping.

Sex qualifies as exercise and caution must be taken to prevent injuries.

You are at a level of life wisdom that consist of; don’t give anyone power over you, own and synthesize your energy for YOU!!!!

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