2020: Living in an Epic Issue of a Tabloid

For those of us who remember life pre-internet, we can’t forget the impulse buying section at grocery stores filled with The Sun, The Examiner, The Weekly World News and The National Inquirer. Bold headlines; Bat Boy Found in Cave and Elvis is Alive just to name a few.

Even at a young age, I knew it was lies because my parents scoffed at the stories and the readership believers.

As I try to make sense of life in America today, the behaviors of those in high offices and their followers, I discovered a possible explanation.

The internet has become the Mecca of tabloids and there are no laws or policies to disclose what is blatant entertainment. This has created millions of disciples believing conspiracy theories and untruths amidst a global pandemic.

For all those years we saw print headlines “The Anti-Christ has Arrived” and “The End of Times is Here,” we are now living in a cesspool of believers endangering our species because they are failing to discern fact from entertainment on the internet.

The People I call Friend

Yesterday Damon cited an NPR report that suggested we should be setting the example and sharing photos of people being socially responsible by wearing mask. The report claimed that psychologically showing people wearing mask as the norm will encourage others to follow suit. At first I called BS because we live in such a divided volatile time in our country. I thought there was nothing that would convince those who deny science believe that they could help save the lives of others.

Then I thought about the people I associate with and I got this overwhelming sense of pride and gratitude. The people I call friend care. The people I call friend love their children, care about the elderly and their extended family. The people I call friend believe in science. The people I call friend are socially responsible. The people I call friend wear mask.

Friends, you make me proud, grateful and hopeful that our species will continue to thrive because you WANT TO LIVE.

“Only the vulnerable will be at risk”

Oldest and Dearest

I met Tonya Galle and Chuck Latham in 1980 in Ms Richard’s class at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School in Belle Chasse, Louisiana. Tonya and I were immediate best friends. And Chuckie…..well, he is my first love. Lura Menard and I clicked in 1990 in Coach Lewis’ PE class at Belle Chasse High School sophomore year, we’ve been inseparable since.

Although we’ve lived in different states and towns for the last thirty years, these are the friends who’d help you bury a body and take the secret to their own grave. The friends who’d drop everything and fly to your rescue. The friends who would raise your children if anything ever happened to you.

There is no one on the planet I’d rather have than these roll dawgs.

Eternally yours,

Rosebud aka Stew

Oldest and Dearest

Thank You.

Elizabeth Wurtzel died of breast cancer yesterday. Her book Prozac Nation blew my mind at 20. Through her writing, I realized I too suffered from depression. One of her essays was re-published in honor of her work. I thought it was worth sharing.

“The best people are the ones you have to forgive for everything. You have no choice; it would be worse to live without them.” -Elizabeth Wurtzel


This is 45

I woke up this morning with two handfuls of pills for breakfast. One handful of pharmaceuticals for my aches, pains, blood pressure and maintaining my mental health. The other was my wishful vitamin supplements to justify that maybe it’s not to late and I can “repair” the damage to my body that I’ve treated like an amusement park for the first half.

At this point you invest more money in a firming effective night cream than any foundation, eyebrow or eyeliner pencil.

You look at the tattoo from when you were 18 and think, you jackass….

Shoes are solely chosen for comfort not fashion.

Your most peaceful moments are being alone, unplugging and releasing all thoughts from your mind.

Stretching is required before basic housework and grocery shopping.

Sex qualifies as exercise and caution must be taken to prevent injuries.

You are at a level of life wisdom that consist of; don’t give anyone power over you, own and synthesize your energy for YOU!!!!

Cousins in Eastern NC

Tina and Rosie

This evening I had the pleasure of hanging out with my cousin and some of my favorite fellas from high school. I love that geography and the passage of time hasn’t diminish us and we fall right back into place. You will always be home. And although I swore I’d never marry someone from Belle Chasse, you remind me why my people will always have my heart. You remind me why my senior year of high school was the best of times. In the transient life of a military spouse, it’s hard to find people who are trustworthy and reliable. Tonight was refreshing knowing if I needed anything, you would be there. #watereddownbarryquirk