Where Are You Learning?

The next time you come across some information you were never aware of, I need you to ask yourself this question?


in·for·ma·tion/ˌinfərˈmāSH(ə)n/Learn to pronouncenoun

  1. facts provided or learned about something or someone.
  2. what is conveyed or represented by a particular arrangement or sequence of things.”genetically transmitted information”

The uniqueness of what we call the “Information Age” begs to question that first definition, “FACTS” provided.

Can we call the publishing of words on TRILLIONS of internet sites, “INFORMATION?”

I don’t think we can.

It is up to you as a citizen to discern and to question the integrity of every word you come in contact with on a daily basis. To ask yourself, where am I learning and is this “information?”

This is 45

I woke up this morning with two handfuls of pills for breakfast. One handful of pharmaceuticals for my aches, pains, blood pressure and maintaining my mental health. The other was my wishful vitamin supplements to justify that maybe it’s not to late and I can “repair” the damage to my body that I’ve treated like an amusement park for the first half.

At this point you invest more money in a firming effective night cream than any foundation, eyebrow or eyeliner pencil.

You look at the tattoo from when you were 18 and think, you jackass….

Shoes are solely chosen for comfort not fashion.

Your most peaceful moments are being alone, unplugging and releasing all thoughts from your mind.

Stretching is required before basic housework and grocery shopping.

Sex qualifies as exercise and caution must be taken to prevent injuries.

You are at a level of life wisdom that consist of; don’t give anyone power over you, own and synthesize your energy for YOU!!!!

Cousins in Eastern NC

Tina and Rosie

This evening I had the pleasure of hanging out with my cousin and some of my favorite fellas from high school. I love that geography and the passage of time hasn’t diminish us and we fall right back into place. You will always be home. And although I swore I’d never marry someone from Belle Chasse, you remind me why my people will always have my heart. You remind me why my senior year of high school was the best of times. In the transient life of a military spouse, it’s hard to find people who are trustworthy and reliable. Tonight was refreshing knowing if I needed anything, you would be there. #watereddownbarryquirk

Tell us what you really think Mr Zuckerberg.

Revealing his thoughts about data mining as a twenty something doesn’t seem too surprising in 2019. His wealth primarily comes from sharing user data to sell advertisements. I believe he knew during the early days at Harvard where he was taking the platform. Calling users (for ten years on FB, he called me )”Dumb Fucks” solidifies the discovery of data mining and selling was the goal. Create a free, addictive, behavior modifying platform to generate and house as much personal data to sell and profit from.

Thanks for letting 2.2 Billion people know what you really think about them, Mr Zuckerberg. We appreciate your honesty.

Before the Halfway Mark

So I figure if I live to be 90, 2019 is my halfway mark year.

I want to take all the lessons I’ve learned and turn them into efforts of self preservation so that I can make it to 90.

As George Costanza would say, I’ve treated my body like and an amusement park for 44 years. Pleasure and excess has been the ethos for everything I’ve consumed. It’s been a good time….what do you expect I’m from New Orleans.

In my second half, I don’t plan to swear off the pleasure of consumption, I plan to integrate moderation and movement. A famous quote from native New Orleanians to joggers or runners is….what are you running from, are you in trouble??? (I have no plans for my movement to include running).

I am strategically posting this on my blog to the public to force and remind myself of the words to my second half of life committing to self preservation.

See what I did there?